Gzhel - one of the traditional Russian centers of production of ceramics and the known national art trade of Russia. Make products in the Moscow region, in the extensive area from 27 villages called "The Gzhel bush". Professional masters keep traditions of a list and create true masterpieces. To it the graceful list in blue tones on a white background is characteristic. Images of birds, flowers and patterns are considered traditional. The figurine is made of high-quality porcelain. The product is arranged by an easy list which combines simple lines and ornaments with beautiful flower patterns. The painted product is dipped into white glaze and burned in the furnace at a temperature about 1400 °C. After roasting glaze becomes transparent, the product purchases glossy gloss and hardness, and the drawing is shown in all the beauty, playing shades of color from gentle-blue to deep blue.

Космонавт ручная роспись

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14 Июн 2024

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Страна изготовленияСССР 1985 - 1991


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